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【yabo亚搏手机版app】国足“归化阵容”PK日伊“全欧阵容” 看完有什么想说的?
名称:【yabo亚搏手机版app】国足“归化阵容”PK日伊“全欧阵容” 看完有什么想说的?

(Ma Dexing, All-Media Reporter of Sports Weekly)


October 5th to 13th is the national team game window designated by FIFA. Under normal circumstances, the Asian Top 40 World Cup qualifiers should be scheduled to restart in this window, but due to the impact of the epidemic, the Top 40 has been further postponed to next year, but the window remains. Therefore, Asian powers have used this rare window to organize their national teams' first training sessions this year or arrange their first international games. The Chinese men's football team has also launched the latest training session in Shanghai, but there is no warm-up match. But what makes Chinese fans worry is that the neighboring Japanese men's football team organized an "all-European lineup" expedition to the Netherlands, which will play two international A-level matches with Cameroon and Ivory Coast. Although the Iranian team, another strong team in Asian football, has not recalled all the players in Europe, the Iranian men’s football team can actually form an "all-European lineup", but because the domestic fans are not paying much attention to it, it is Ignore such "all European classes" in West Asia.


The Chinese men's football team, which is starting training in Shanghai, coincides with the domestic National Day holiday and does not participate in international warm-up matches, so not many people are concerned. And around this national football training camp, the biggest attraction is probably that two naturalized players like Jiang Guangtai and Fernando and naturalized players appeared in the national football for the first time, plus Li Kehe, who has previously played on behalf of the national football. Exxon, two naturalized players and naturalized players, the outside world does not seem to be addictive.


But at the same time, there are many people who are feeling the neighbor Japan.


It should be pointed out that this time Morihoichi did not do it deliberately, but because of the impact of the epidemic. Travelling from Japan to Europe would encounter a lot of trouble, and the domestic league in Japan is also going on, not because it is international The designated national team will be suspended during the match window. In order to ensure that the national league is not affected, Morihoichi selected an "all-European lineup" to play after consulting with the Japanese Football Association. and


However, it was this "unintentional" move that once again stimulated the nerves of more Chinese fans: "Wow! Japan actually has so many European players!" Let's compare China again. There is only one "whole village". People's hope"-Wu Lei, and this season is still in the second league. This caused many Chinese fans to "tick their teeth with hatred", and thus further "ridiculed" Chinese men's football. While being "ridiculing", I did not forget to clamor that "the national football team should be more naturalized", "everything that can be naturalized should be naturalized as much as possible"... It seems that as long as more naturalized players appear , The Chinese men's football team's entry into the World Cup is just around the corner.


This is the more real living environment and reality of Chinese football and Chinese men's football.


Prior to the arrival of the national team game window in October, this year's AFC West Asia region will end in Doha on October 3. Perhaps it is due to the lack of domestic broadcast, or it has little to do with the Chinese Super League. Therefore, when Iran's Persepolis defeated Saudi Arabia's Nasr and won the championship in West Asia, it did not cause much domestic response. This is also understandable. After all, West Asia is too far away from China, and the overall level of Asian football cannot be compared with the major European leagues. Chinese fans seem to be more "realistic." Only when a certain team of the Chinese Super League can win the East Asian region championship and will determine this year's AFC Champions League with West Asia, will they understand this Persepolis team.


In fact, the Persepolis team can win the championship of West Asia, there are many places worthy of research and attention. For example, this is the second time the team has reached the AFC Finals after 2018, but it was Croatian coach Ivankovic who previously coached Shandong Luneng. This time, it was former Iranian international center defender Gormhamadi who played in the 1997 World Cup as the head coach, and the assistant coach was Bagheri who also played in the top ten in 1997. So, how many of the Chinese nationals who have played in the top ten games that year coached in the Super League?


Aside from the twists and turns of Persepolis’s game in West Asia, there are only two foreign players out of less than 30 players who played, namely Iraqi midfielder Bashar Resan and Croatia goalkeeper Pogjdal. Radošević, the latter is still an absolute substitute. The main goalkeeper Hamed Rack is one of the Iranian national gates. It is precisely his outstanding performance, especially in the last game against Shatnasr. A critical penalty to ensure that Persepolis wins West Asia.

除了波斯波利斯在西亚比赛中的曲折之外,在参加比赛的不到30名球员中,只有两名外国球员,即伊拉克中场球员巴沙尔·里桑和克罗地亚门将波格达尔。拉多谢维奇,后者仍然是绝对的替代者。主要的守门员Hamed Rack是伊朗的国家大门之一。这正是他的出色表现,尤其是在上一场对阵沙特纳斯的比赛中。确保波斯波利斯赢得西亚的重大处罚。

This is not to say that Persepolis does not want to introduce foreign aid, but on the one hand, it is because the Iranian Football Association has ordered the 2020-21 season to ban the teams from introducing new foreign aid. On the other hand, the club itself is facing financial difficulties. After Vankovic terminated the contract early, he still owes wages. Moreover, FIFA also issued a notice on September 16 prohibiting Persepolis from introducing new players, and ordered the club to pay the arrears of Ivankovic’s 800,000 euros in salary within one month, otherwise it will be subject to change. Further penalties. Therefore, the club simply has no money to bring in foreign aid.

这并不是说波斯波利斯不想引进外援,而是一方面是因为伊朗足球协会已下令在2020-21赛季禁止各支球队引进新的外援。另一方面,俱乐部本身正面临财务困难。 Vankovic提早终止合同后,他仍欠工资。此外,国际足联还于9月16日发布了通知,禁止波斯波利斯引进新球员,并命令俱乐部在一个月内支付伊万科维奇80万欧元的薪金欠款,否则将有变动。进一步的处罚。因此,俱乐部根本没有钱引进外援。

In fact, in order to reduce the financial burden of the club, after the end of the 2019-20 season in late August this year, Persepolis released the two main international forwards, like Mehdi who scored 12 goals in 32 games. · Torabi was transferred to the Arabi team of Qatar for 350,000 euros, and Aipur, who scored 17 goals in 36 games, was transferred to the Maridimo team of the Portuguese Super League; and in July, the team already transferred Iran The number one national goal Belavande was let go, who joined the Antwerp team in Belgium in exchange for a transfer fee of 600,000 euros. This is actually the same as the Kashima Antlers before the AFC Champions League quarter-finals last year, the three main players Suzuki Yuma (to St. Turden, Belgium), Abe Yukui (to Barcelona, ​​Spain), Anzai Yuki (to Portugal, Portugal) It’s quite similar to the release of the Ertimão to join the European club. It’s completely unlike some domestic clubs who only know to “spend money” to get people back from overseas, or categorically refuse to send players out. One positive and one negative, the pattern is clearly visible.

实际上,为了减轻俱乐部的经济负担,在今年8月下旬的2019-20赛季结束后,波斯波利斯发布了两名主要的国际前锋,例如梅迪(Mehdi)在32场比赛中打进12球。 ·Torabi以35万欧元的价格转会至卡塔尔的Arabi队,而在36场比赛中打进17球的Aipur被转至葡萄牙超级联赛的Maridimo队;到了7月,球队就已经将伊朗转移到了排名第一的国家目标Belavande,后者以60万欧元的转会费加盟了比利时的安特卫普队。这实际上与去年亚足联冠军联赛八强之前的鹿岛鹿角相同,三名主要球员铃木由马(去比利时圣图尔登),安倍裕奎(去西班牙巴塞罗那),安西由纪(去葡萄牙,葡萄牙)与发行Ertimão加入欧洲俱乐部非常相似。这与某些国内俱乐部完全不同,后者只知道“花钱”将人们从海外带回,或者断然拒绝派遣球员。一正一负,图案清晰可见。

In this case, Persepolis played almost all the games during the AFC Champions League with an "all Iban" plus an Iraqi foreign aid, and finally won the West Asian Championship. The gold content of this West Asian champion is probably much greater than the 2019 AFC Champions League that Saudi Arabia's Hillar team made a lot of money. Of course, the Saudis “have money to burn”, which is beyond the “poor people” to understand and imagine. In the future AFC Champions League in East Asia, perhaps the most "burning" Chinese Super League may face the "full-time class" and "all-Korean class".


What I have to sigh is that whether it was the Kashima Antlers releasing three people to Europe last year, or the Persepolis team releasing their players overseas, the result was that the Japanese national team’s "all-European lineup" ". What is not known to Chinese fans is that the Iranian national team can actually form an "all-European lineup" if needed! When FIFA’s international transfer window closed on the evening of October 5th, Iran had 23 players in the major European leagues, including three goalkeepers. I'm afraid this is also something Chinese fans would not even dare to think about.


In the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Iran had 12 players playing in the European League.


And in this summer window, more Iranian players have joined the overseas army in Europe. According to the author's statistics, in the 2020-21 season, a total of 23 Iranian players will play in the top European leagues, which happens to be the number of applicants for a team. Moreover, there are exactly three goalkeepers among Iran's 23 people in Europe, and there are basically at least one in 10 positions on the field. Among these 23 people, perhaps the "post-85s" players like Gujanejad and Sosha Makani will not have a great chance of being selected for the national team because they are older. All the other 21 players They are all "post-90s", and the two defenders Ethan Haji Safi and forward Ansarifad who played in the Greek Super League were born outside of 1990.

在这个夏天的窗口中,更多的伊朗玩家加入了欧洲的海外军队。根据作者的统计,在2020-21赛季,总共有23名伊朗球员将参加欧洲顶级联赛,而这恰恰是申请一支球队的人数。此外,在伊朗在欧洲的23个人中,正好有3名守门员,并且基本上在该领域中至少有十分之一的位置。在这23人中,也许像Gujanejad和Sosha Makani这样的“ 85后”球员年龄较大,因此没有很大的机会入选国家队。所有其他21位球员都是“ 90后”球员,在希腊超级联赛中出场的两名后卫伊桑·哈吉·萨菲和前锋安萨里法德出生于1990年左右。

What's more noteworthy is that Iranian players still use the Portuguese Super League and the second-tier European leagues as their "main battlefield" in Europe. Last season, there were three Iranian players in the Portuguese Super League. Except for Taremi, one of the top scorers, to join the Porto team, goalkeeper Abeid Zadhe continued to stay at the Maritimo team, while Avis’s Forward Mehdad Mohammedi moved to the Qatar club. However, the striker Alipur, who originally played for Persepolis, came to the Maritimo team in the new season and became teammates with Abedzadeh. Shahriyal Moghanlu, who was also Iran’s top scorer in the second tier two seasons ago, joined another Portuguese Super Club Santa Clara team before the new season, making this season’s Portuguese Super League There are four Iranian players in total, and three of them are forwards. With so many talents, why is the Iranian national team's striker "misfiring"?

更值得一提的是,伊朗球员仍将葡萄牙超级联赛和欧洲二线联赛作为其在欧洲的“主要战场”。上赛季,葡萄牙超级联赛中有3名伊朗球员。除了得分最高的球员之一塔雷米(Taremi)加入波尔图队外,守门员阿贝德·扎德(Abeid Zadhe)继续留在马里蒂莫队,而阿维斯的前锋穆罕默德·穆罕默迪(Mohmedi)移居卡塔尔俱乐部。但是,原先为波斯波利斯效力的前锋阿里普尔在新赛季加入了马里蒂莫队,并与阿贝扎德成为队友。沙赫里亚尔·莫汉卢(Shahriyal Moghanlu)也是两个赛季前在二线联赛中的头号得分手,他在新赛季之前加入了另一支葡萄牙超级俱乐部圣塔克拉拉队,使本赛季的葡萄牙超级联赛共有四名伊朗球员,其中三名是前锋。拥有如此多的才华,为什么伊朗国家队的前锋会“错失”?

In the Belgian Serie A, the number of Iranian players this season has increased to six, distributed in the four lines of goalkeeper, defense, midfield and striker. Like last season, forward Kavi Rezai has scored 5 goals in the new season, helping Charleroi to lead with 19 points on the points table. And precisely because of his outstanding performance, he was named the best player in the league in September. As for Jahambaksh, who once took the top scorer of the Dutch League, continues to fight in the Premier League, and from the first few rounds of the new season, it seems that there is a chance to regain reuse.

在比利时甲级联赛中,本赛季伊朗球员的数量已增加到六名,分布在守门员,防守,中场和前锋这四行中。和上赛季一样,前锋卡维·雷扎伊(Kavi Rezai)在新赛季打进5球,帮助沙勒罗瓦(Charleroi)在积分榜上领先19分。正是由于他的出色表现,他在9月被评为联盟最佳球员。至于曾获得荷兰联赛最佳射手的贾汉姆巴克什(Jahambaksh)继续在英超联赛中奋战,从新赛季的前几轮开始,似乎就有机会重新获得重用。

As the top two teams in Asia in the current FIFA national team rankings, both the Japanese team and the Iranian team can form an "all-European lineup." Although N many "keyboard guys" will mock the Iranian team's "all-European lineup" with the Japanese team's 3-0 victory over the Iranian team in the 2019 Asian Cup, but,


When the domestic "keyboard man" and even some "rhythmic" people continue to flicker the so-called "naturalization", regardless of Europe and the United States, just look at our opponents and look at the two representatives of East Asia and West Asia. "All-European lineup", maybe we should know why the Super League must "de-bubble".

当国内的“键盘手”,甚至某些“有节奏的”人继续忽悠所谓的“归化”时,无论欧美,只要看着我们的对手,看看东亚和西亚的两个代表。 “全欧洲阵容”,也许我们应该知道为什么超级联赛必须“消除泡沫”。

[Chinese football vision for the next ten years] Episode 7: What role should naturalized players play?


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