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On the night of August 25th, Beijing time, in a focus match of the Suzhou Division of the Super League, Beijing Guoan lost to Shanghai SIPG with a score of 0-1. After the game, several controversial penalties against the referee Zhang Lei became a topic of heated discussion among the outside world and fans. In this regard, the latest issue of "Experiencing New Horizons" broadcast by Tianjin TV Sports Channel last night invited the famous international referee Wang Xuezhi to comment on the multiple disputes and penalties in this game. Wang Xuezhi believes that He used to play a handball in the penalty area of ​​his own team. It should be a penalty. The referee missed a penalty. Vieira fell to the ground in the opponent's penalty area. This meant that he had a reasonable physical contact with Mu Yi. The referee did not Penalties are very reasonable.


The first point of dispute occurred in the 3rd minute of the first half, when He used to handball in the penalty area. The referee Zhang Lei did not make a penalty immediately. Subsequently, after Zhang Lei communicated with the VAR video assistant referee through a headset, he did not make any comments.


In this regard, Wang Xuezhi, a well-known domestic football referee expert, believes that when He used to compete with Bakambu in his penalty area, his arm was raised high over his shoulder to touch the ball. Although the ball was an accidental handball, it directly destroyed Beijing Guoan's very obvious scoring opportunity. In accordance with the latest FIFA penalty kick rules, the referee should decisively award a penalty kick.


The second point of dispute occurred in the 56th minute of the second half, when Vieira was in the opponent's penalty area and was put to the ground by Mu Yi. After the referee Zhang Lei personally went to the sidelines to watch the VAR video playback, he did not award a penalty kick. It was because of this penalty that the Beijing National Security Team was dissatisfied. Especially after the end of the game, it caused more verbal criticism from non-Shanghai SIPG fans and non-Shanghai media, thinking that the referee Zhang Lei followed his good classmate Fu Ming and acted as a blind eye.

第二点争议发生在下半场第56分钟,当时维埃拉(Vieira)在对手的禁区,被穆毅(Mu Yi)摔倒在地。裁判员张磊亲自到场观看VAR视专业版下载频播放后,他没有判罚点球。正是由于这一处罚,北京国家安全队才感到不满。尤其是在比赛结束后,这引起了非上海SIPG球迷和非上海媒体的更多口头批评,认为裁判员张磊跟随他的好同学傅明视而不见。

In response to this controversial penalty, Wang Xuezhi believes that the moment Vieira touched the ball in the opponent’s penalty area, his right foot turned outwards. It was this action that made Mu Yi who came up for the fight physically touched him. . Subsequently, Vieira fell to the ground. During the entire process of contact between the two sides, there was no backlash or kicking. The referee's observation of the selection of seats was also very clear, and he made a gesture to continue the game at the first time. After the referee Zhang Lei went to the sidelines and watched the video playback, he still did not receive a penalty kick. This shows that Zhang Lei recognized Vieira’s true intention to cheat the point and determined that the two sides were in reasonable physical contact. It is indeed courage to make this penalty. .

为了回应这一有争议的罚球,王学智认为,维埃拉在对手的罚球区触球后,右脚就向外翻了。正是这一举动使参加战斗的穆毅身体上感动了他。 。随后,维埃拉(Vieira)倒地。在双方接触的整个过程中,没有反弹或踢动。裁判员对座位选择的观察也很清楚,他示意要在第一时间继续比赛。裁判员张磊到场上观看录像带播放后,仍然没有获得点球大赛。这表明张磊意识到维埃拉的真实意图是要欺骗这一点,并确定双方保持了合理的身体接触。作出这一处罚确实是勇气。 。

In the author's opinion, He used to make his first ball within the penalty area. After the intervention of VAR, the referee directly regarded it as an unintentional handball, which was indeed too hasty. After all, if He was used to not having handball at that time, this was an excellent opportunity for Beijing Guoan to score. At the same time, Vieira fell to the ground within the penalty area of ​​the opponent, indeed because of Mu Yi's push, and Mu Yi did hit Vieira's calf. Regardless of whether Vieira deliberately deceived him, it is an indisputable fact that Muy hit Vieira's calf and ordered him to fall within the penalty area.

在提交人看来,他曾经在罚球区内制造自己的第一个球。 VAR介入后,裁判员直接将其视为无意识的手球,这确实太草率了。毕竟,如果当时他不习惯手球,那对北京国安来说就是一个得分的绝好机会。同时,维埃拉(Vieira)倒在对手的罚球区内,这确实是由于穆伊的推动,而穆伊确实击中了维埃拉(Vieira)的小腿。不管维埃拉是否故意欺骗他,梅伊都击中了维埃拉的小腿并命令他落入罚球区内是不争的事实。

Due to the emergence of VAR, not only in the Chinese Super League, but also in the five major European leagues, this type of situation is everywhere when there is physical contact within the penalty zone. As long as the action of the fall is not particularly exaggerated, as long as the defender collides with the offensive player The part of the body should be a penalty. Obviously, the professional level of this international referee expert named "Wang Xuezhi" is just as high as that of Zhang Lei.


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